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Residential Open Burn Season Permits

Permits for Open Burning are issused between March 30 -May 30 and September 15-October 30 each year. 

Burn permits are free but MUST be obtained by filling out an online permit. This can be done by logging on to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) website at:

Some restrictions do apply. To find out what the restrictions are please  call 435-882-6730 or the Tooele County Fire Warden 435-833-8123.  

Stansbury Park only allows small cooking/recreational fires but only in an in-ground fire pit, or an above ground fire place. Recreational fires may include Dutch oven cooking, marshmallow or hot dog roasts, ETC. They may not be for burning of yard debris, grass, weeds, leaves, ground clearing, ETC. 

Remember:  Burn permits are free.  Fines are expensive.  

Additional Information about Open Burning can be found at:

Click here to check the Clearing Index for Tooele County (Basin 1): 

To check current Fire Restrictions: