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Recreational Fires

A small campfire with twigs and leaves, smoke rising, with a blurred sunset or sunrise in the background.

Fire Pit Guidelines:

The fire  code allows residents to have small recreational fires at their residence not to exceed 3ft diameter by 2ft in height.  Burning is limited to dry, clean, natural materials. No garbage, plastics, rubber, oils, railroad ties, pretreated wood or construction waste.  

Campfires - Recreational/Cooking Fires:  Limited to the facilities designated for them in improved campgrounds, picnic areas or home sites with running water. Guidelines must be adhered to:

1. Fires must be contained within a pit 18 inches deep into mineral soil absent of roots or any other organic materials or solid ring made of noncombustible material that is at least 18 inches in height that will contain the fuel wood or coals while shielding the ashes from being blown by the wind.

2. Maintain 18 inch depth of the pit by removing built up ash and other materials; assure disposed materials are completely extinguished.

3. Fire must be at least 15 feet away from any combustible vegetation or structures, vertically and horizontally. Fire resistant vegetation as part of the landscaping is excluded.

4. One person 18 years of age or older must attend the fire at all times.

5. Ten gallons or more of water must be dedicated and immediately available on-site for fire suppression.

6. At least one standard sized shovel must be dedicated and immediately available on-site for fire suppression.

7. Fire must be completely extinguished, cold to the touch, when not attended.

8. Persons responsible for escaped or unattended fires are subject to prosecution and suppression costs.